SONET/SDH Encryption HC-8546

Fast SONET/SDH networks are used for all types of critical communication services (data, voice and video). This multitude of services and applications makes it all the more important to ensure the protection of all information being transported.

With SONET/SDH Encryption HC-8546 STM-64, the entire bandwidth available for transmission can be used for point-to-point connections. At the same time, maximum cryptographic security is ensured for all types of information, regardless of the applications or services involved. SONET/SDH Encryption HC-8546 STM-64 is a completely transparent high-performance system that offers unlimited encryption in full-duplex mode with no loss of performance. The communication keys are replaced at regular intervals with no interruption to ongoing operations.


  • STM-64 encryption for SONET/SDH at full wire speed.
  • Plug-and-play set-up.
  • Transparent for all applications and services.
  • Full performance and security for fibre optic links.
  • Synchronised replacement of key without data loss.
  • Ultra-secure, hardware-based encryption with secret customer-specific algorithm.
  • Central and convenient computer-based security management.


SONET/SDH Encryption

SONET/SDH – a reliable and proven method for fast, secure data exchange.

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SONET/SDH Encryption

Today's national core networks for public authorities are typically set up as optical ring networks and frequently based on the synchronous transport protocol SONET/SDH. This technology is especially advantageous when data and voice are transmitted over one network. Both services can be bundled reliably and economically in SONET/SDH frames. Thanks to the high-capacity transmission rate of up to 10 Gbps, the fast transfer rate achieves information availability in real time.

A SONET/SDH ring network can remedy a line failure without impairment by automatically switching to an optical fibre running in the opposite direction.

Security Management

The Security Management enables the complete administration of the encryption units including their configuration parameters.


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Security Management

The encrypted management messages can be transferred to the Crypto units on-line or off-line. All sensitive data in the management database is stored encrypted. Monitoring of the encrypted network is provided with detailed status reports.


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