Security Management Centre SMC-1100

SMC-1100 is a hardware and software package with a security management application for the Microsoft® Windows XP operating system. A security module is responsible for all functions relevant to security, e.g. encryption, access control and generation of genuinely random encryption keys for the network. As soon as equipment is set up for use with the SMC-1100, cryptographic data and parameters can be managed securely and efficiently from a central location. That includes the generation and forwarding of all encryption keys.

Security module

A security processor provides a tamper-proof environment for the cryptographic algorithm and the encryption keys. Data relevant to security can never be released to the outside as plain text – neither while being generated in the SMC-1100 nor while being transmitted to the encryption units or even after the data has been destroyed. The encryption keys for the units are produced with a genuine random generator. The keys used in the network are therefore absolutely secure.

Independent message scheduler

The message scheduler takes care of the online transmission of management data to the encryption units. The data can be sent either immediately or at predetermined times. The message scheduler is permanently connected to a private or public network. As an extra security precaution, it is connected to the security management centre only when required. The connection is set up over the browser-based user interface.


  • Central, user-friendly security management.
  • Comprehensive Crypto security architecture.
  • Tamper-proof security module.
  • Generates genuinely random numbers.
  • Cryptographically protected database for security data.
  • Secure forwarding of keys and management data.
  • Online queries of all kinds of security data.
  • Supports the backup and restoration of security data.



High-security encryption of information being exchanged between two locations.

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IP VPN encryption encrypts all information being exchanged between two locations over public and private networks. The tunnel mode approach is used to ensure maximum confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the data.

IP encryption encrypts all types of communication such as e-mails, VoIP, data or video to the highest standards, thus rendering them unreadable in the network for unauthorised parties. IP VPN encryption is compatible with all IP encryption units up to a transmission rate of 1 Gbps.

Radio encryption

Secure radio communication has to take into account many different factors: Frequency range, bandwidth, form of operation and distance are the major ones.

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Radio encryption

Radio communication takes place today in a broad frequency range. The distances covered vary greatly, as do the technical forms of operation and the available bandwidths. Crypto International AG has a versatile application package for top-security radio communication that can be tailored to any use: analogue/digital radio, narrowband, wideband, HF/VHF/UHF, voice, data transmission, and much more.


  • Voice Narrowband Analogue: The high compression rate in the Vocoder ensures top voice quality with a data rate of 1.2 or 2.4 kbps.
  • Voice Wideband Analogue: The available bandwidth of the VHF/UHF radio is used to achieve excellent voice quality.
  • Voice Wideband Digital: This mode is employed in radios with frequency hopping enabled.
  • Voice Narrowband Digital: The high compression coding technology protects digital narrowband radio communication used in frequency hopping or in satellite links

Ethernet – efficient networking of sites for fully meshed topologies.

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Ethernet has proved highly effective for interconnecting sites on a regional, national and international scale. To address the trend towards constantly bigger data throughput, Crypto International AG continually refines its encryption performance and expands its multipoint solutions. The Ethernet encryption solution on layer 2 takes a multipoint approach to guarantee a data throughput of 10 Gbps without incurring any overheads.

The Ethernet service performs the transportation functions of all multimedia applications and can be E-LAN, E-Line or E-Tree.


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