Crypto Mobile HC-9100

Crypto Mobile HC-9100 is the latest innovation from Crypto AG – a complete universal encryption platform in the format of a Micro SD Card with impressive performance capabilities. As part of the unique Crypto security architecture, encryption is performed in a hardware processor integrated in the Micro SD Card. The integrated Flash memory is also controlled and protected by this processor.

The Crypto Mobile HC-9100 is compatible with a number of high-end smart phones from Nokia. You simply insert the card into the existing memory card slot – it will remain invisible to others. The HA-2400 Voice Encryption Mobile is a security application specially developed to allow the use of the sophisticated security functions in the HC-9100 with mobile phones. The interplay of the two products protects your voice communication reliably and to the maximum extent. If your mobile phone should fall into the wrong hands or be stolen, no one can access the data stored on the card. With the Crypto Mobile HC-9100, you own the smallest high-security encryption platform in the world.


  • High-security, hardware-based encryption.
  • Small, high-performance Micro SD Card with a processor developed by Crypto AG.
  • Crypto security architecture with tamper-proof design.
  • Secure Flash memory, compatible with a select group of Nokia mobile phones.
  • Discrete encryption solution in off-the-shelf mobile phones.



Secure voice connection over fixed and mobile networks in digital or analogue mode.

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Voice is the most original form of communication. Language consistency and speaker recognition are two central factors of voice applications, be they stationary or mobile, analogue or digital. Crypto Voice Encryption is a security solution to protect the confidentiality of your conversations without restricting your mobility or flexibility. It provides maximum security for telephony and HF radio.

Security Management

The Security Management enables the complete administration of the encryption units including their configuration parameters.


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Security Management

The encrypted management messages can be transferred to the Crypto units on-line or off-line. All sensitive data in the management database is stored encrypted. Monitoring of the encrypted network is provided with detailed status reports.


Consulting services

It is important to consider IT security requirements from the very outset.

In today's world, the volume of data that is generated, processed and transmitted electronically is growing steadily. Many of these data items are valuable or confidential and deserve special protection. It is important to keep three primary aspects in mind: confidentiality, integrity and authenticity. And of course your data should always be available whenever needed. In addition, data access must be documented by person, date and time. Therefore information security must be an integral part of data processing and data transmission.

People, processes, technology

Information must be protected, no matter where it happens to be. Data protection must be viewed from he triple perspective of people, process and technology.

A closer look at consulting services

  • ICT Security Workshop for a complete overview and advice on how to proceed.
  • ICT Security Assessment for taking stock of the status quo in your information security system.
  • ICT Security Architecture for devising a technical architecture and concepts for ultra-secure ICT.
  • ICT Security Process Framework for putting in place a process framework that allows you to adapt the most important security processes to your specific situation.
Education Services

We make our expertise available to you at the Crypto Academy.

Training courses and seminars provide users with just the knowledge they need to protect themselves from potential security gaps. The more of this technological and cryptographic expertise they acquire, the more effectively they can control all levels of operations. With comprehensive knowledge, users can personally guarantee the secure and efficient operation of the systems, reduce operating costs and minimise the risk of error. However, knowledge of all aspects of information security is definitely specialised knowledge and can only be conveyed by an absolute expert in this field. Who could be better equipped to ensure that training meets the highest standards and is geared to the systems in use than a developer and producer of security equipment? At the Crypto Academy, our customers receive training tailored to their needs.

A closer look at education services

  • Nationalisation of the customer algorithm (algorithm design workshop).
  • Verification of cipher quality for evaluation purposes (acceptance cipher check).
  • Seminars on security in government agencies and companies (professional seminars).
  • Training in technology and cryptography fundamentals (professional technology training).


Implementation services

We help you to implement your security solution in a trouble-free, straightforward manner.

Implementation services constitute a main pillar of our service portfolio. We have years of experience in implementing high security projects than have been adapted to various requirements and environments. Following a detailed offering process, the implementation of your project is overseen by project managers who are responsible for the entire project, from system design and commissioning in-house to set-up at our customers' premises and subsequent maintenance.

A closer look at implementation services

  • Architecture for the project
  • Design
  • Project and program management
  • Site analysis and field trials
  • Critical testing of design and functions
  • Engineering
  • Commissioning in-house
  • Factory acceptance test
  • Installation and commissioning services
  • Integration and acceptance procedure on site
  • Documentation of solution
  • Final acceptance
  • Go-live services
  • Post-implementation test
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
Product-related services

At Crypto AG we tailor our services to fit our products.

At Crypto AG we tailor our services to fit our products.

  • Crypto Care Service packages with selectable contractual services tailored to your needs available at fixed rates that allow you to plan
  • Engineering support
  • Installation and commissioning support
  • Training for specific products
  • Professional training on maintenance and operation of your system components
Operational support services

Rely on experts from Crypto AG for the operation of your security systems.

In today's world, digital transmission technologies are successively replacing analogue communication networks. With digitalisation, providers create competitive advantages for themselves and can offer entirely new and customised telecommunication services.

Does this quiet yet steady modernisation of communication networks also benefit you as a user? Yes, it does but it also poses risks, particularly with respect to the maximum availability of communication and to the ICT systems. Change in the security of transported data is the only constant in this regard. A voice, fax, video or data network can fail tomorrow without warning. Experience shows that modern communication interfaces change constantly and modifications in basic configurations from one day to the next often interrupt communi-
cation. As technology grows ever-more complex, you as a user constantly face new challenges.

  • Maintenance concept


Continuity, precision, trust and independence


Crypto AG has been a leader in information security for more than 60 years. The Swiss company is active the world over, developing highly precise and individually adaptable security solutions and serving as a reliable partner to its customers. As an economically and legally independent entity,
Crypto AG ultimately ensures its customers maximum control over their security systems.

Integrated expertise for exclusive security.


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