Sharing sensitive military intelligence maintains national security and therefore the protection of the state.

Military organisations rely on ultra-secure and trustworthy communication within their intelligence networks. Therefore, the Defence Operations Backbone – the core element of the strategic infrastructure – is of utmost importance and needs to be highly available and cybersecure.

With ncreasing migration and traveller movements border management and real-time surveillance the volumes of collected data grow exponentially.

The ever-growing threat of terrorist activities boosts rapid growth in counterterrorism measures. How do you secure sensitive counterterrorism intelligence as the volume of data grows exponentially?

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Renée Fredlund, Chief Professional Services Officer, about passion for security and customers."

Find out why Renée Fredlund, Chief Professional Services Officer at Crypto, wishes she would have a magic wand and how she and her team spare their time and effort to listening to customers and their needs.

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Per Rauer, Chief Technology Officer at Crypto: "Always one step ahead with our technical capabilities."

Per Rauer shares with us what inspired him to become the Chief Technology Officer at Crypto and his approach to the current challenges in cybersecurity.

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HC-8682 LINK OTN (100G): the high performance security unit for all traffic of up to 100 Gbit/s with minimal latency.

Crypto's high-performance solution for network security at 100 Gbit/s transfer speed, the HC-8682 Link OTN (100G), protects all high-volume transfers of sensitive information on an infrastructure level.

Crypto - cybersecurity and encryption solutions.

Cybersecurity – a must as the threat of cyberattacks is growing.

Find out why it is essential to anticipate cybersecurity trends at an early stage and discover Crypto's top-level cybersecurity and encryption solutions.

In theory quantum computers will solve arithmetic problems many times faster than digital computers and may soon challenge the security of certain cryptographic systems. The good news is that Crypto has been using quantum-safe symmetric cryptography for many years!

Andreas Linde, Crypto’s owner and Executive Chairman of the Board, in his office.

Andreas Linde, Crypto’s owner and Executive Chairman of the Board, shares with us his thoughts about the future of Crypto’s international business.

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