Welcome to Crypto International Group. The recent reporting about Crypto AG has caused a lot of confusion about our name. We acquired the Crypto name and logotype in 2018, but we are a completely different company with a different owner, different management and a different strategy. We have no relationship with Crypto AG.


Following the news reporting, we want to state:

  • We have complete trust in our products and solutions, and there have been no claims by media that any equipment today sold by Crypto International Group should have been manipulated.
  • All products mentioned in the news stories were developed and put on the market by Crypto AG before 1990. We are a completely different company, founded almost 30 years later.
  • Our general export license has been suspended, and we now have to apply for single export licenses. This is time-consuming, but our export has not been stopped. We have not yet received a sufficient explanation as to why our license has been suspended because of allegations against another company.
  • We are in the process of changing our company name and will be presenting our new corporate identity shortly.

For any media requests, please contact media@crypto.ch