Secure remote access solution

Communicating securely while travelling


Mobile users want to communicate securely on their laptops and smart phones, no matter where they happen to be. If they can access their communication channels securely, they can retrieve, edit and send their data as if they were at the office. No array of security devices, incredibly long passwords or check lists are required.

Whether at home, in the office or on the road, enjoy unlimited mobility with our thin-client remote access solution.


The Crypto Secure Remote Access Solution enables secure communication from a laptop at an outside location over a public network (e.g. Internet). This simple yet ultra-secure solution is completely immune from attacks. As a result, users can access their personal data securely from any location in the world.


  • Via remote access users can check and answer e-mails, send attachments, access their own files and edit documents.
  • With just a few clicks, they can work as if they were in their own office.
  • Once connected, users have access to an integrated, reliable security solution. 



Secure Remote Access (Secure RAS) is a solution based on a simple and efficient thin client approach. It allows travellers who are far from their own network to access their personal data, free of risk, no matter which (public) network they (are obliged to) use.

The data are never at risk because encryption is used during data access and no data are left stored in the terminal. There is no danger to owner and organisation even if a unit is lost.

The cryptographic processes are performed in a separate hardware module. Unlike commercial off-the-shelf software solutions, this approach renders attacks pointless. The strong user authentication is based on the same high-security technology. This feature is a crucial factor for government agencies, for example.

Security management can be centralised (online) over the network, thus giving the organisation sovereignty over the activities in the infrastructure.

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