Crisis-proof and tap-resistant

exchange of classified messages in diplomatic networks


Confidential information has to remain available and protected at a high-security level at all times, regardless of the transmission channel being used. Nonetheless, work must also remain simple and recipients must be reachable at all times. Especially diplomacy must be able to rely on its communication with all parts of the world to remain tap-resistant and crisis-proof.


The Crypto Secure Diplomatic Messaging System is an integrated system for the secure creating, editing, saving and sending information or data. It consists of modified and configured office workstations and specific communication and security technologies. Appropriate data classification into top secret, secret, and confidential levels is indispensable in this environment.

As a peer messaging system it operates without a central server – users remain independent and can determine their communication channels (globally) themselves. Messages can contain document attachments, which are sent along in encrypted form.

Diplomacy must be able to rely on tap-resistant and crisis-proof communication with all regions of the world.


  • Crypto Messaging Solution for closed user groups.
  • Combines an office work tool with a high-security communication method for diplomatic messaging.
  • Ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.
  • Especially suited to supporting the security policy of foreign ministries.
  • Communication can be conducted over multiple media (PSTN public phone system, Internet and other IP networks and satellite links).
  • Individual channels can be prioritised – e.g. as crisis-proof back-up channels or for cost reduction purposes.
  • Message tracking and confirmation of receipt for senders.


The Secure Diplomatic Messaging solution from Crypto International AG is a proven performer around the globe in a variety of locations.

As a closed system with automated functions, it prevents operating mistakes and assists with the specific security requirements at foreign ministries. The security policy can be adapted at any time, for example regarding user authentication, protocols, document classification, security and key management.

Its technical and operational flexibility enables quick adaptation to currently available/priority modes of transmission (phone, IP, radio) and changing channel qualities.

Highly secure encryption of documents protects their authenticity, integrity and confidentiality in day-to-day business as well as during crises.

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