Modern operational command and control with C4I

Maximum security for sensitive tactical-operational and strategic data


The deployment of modern command and control information systems (C4I) enable effect-based operations of joint armed forces with surgical precision and permitting full use of maximum information superiority. Modern military operations rely on a highly available, robust and protected operational network incorporating first-class applications. The era of NetworkCentric Warfare (NCW) provides numerous opportunities but also massive security risks, from mission level all the way to the level of international reputation.


Network Centric Warfare enables end-to-end command structures and the capability of depicting, controlling and supporting operations on site at all levels. Central to this approach is the "Common Relevant Operational Picture" (CROP) collected from numerous sensor data. It is the basis of all major operational decisions and all instructions to the joint weapons systems.

Communication and an unhindered exchange of information are key elements for C4I and NCW. The earlier "need-to-know culture" has given way to a "need-to-share culture". In the process, top priority is given to protecting sensitive data and voice messages during transmission and storage (databases). This data is subject to many changes from classic means of electronic warfare and reconnaissance used by major geopolitical players to weaknesses within one's own organisation being exploited by external groups. Keeping this data secret and available in an unaltered state at all times is crucial for the security of one's own armed forces and the success of each and every mission. This protection at the highest level comprises the following elements:

  • Protection of the entire operational network based on comprehensive and coherent security architecture with protected zones and zone transitions.
  • Real-time support for all command and control information processes and simultaneous preservation of confidentiality, traceability and integrity for all sensitive data processed.
  • Creation of an impermeable and homogeneous system security layer at the transport, service and application level, particularly also in heterogeneous system landscapes.
  • Secure voice and data links, particularly for radio, messaging and IP VPN and at the interface with all backbone technologies.

Military decision makers must be able to rely on their command and control communication being totally immune to tapping, manipulation or alteration at all times.


  • Maximum possible information protection thanks to a tailor-made security system instead of off-the-shelf solutions with security as merely an additional feature.
  • Secure data transfers (confidentiality), payload integrity (integrity/ authenticity) and mission control (accountability).
  • Secure compatibility and interoperability of the networks, which until now only offered unprotected end-to-end operation at best (homogeneous security for heterogeneous topologies).
  • Investment protection thanks to the incorporation of uniform security also in organically developed operational networks.
  • A full range of services based on established standards (e.g. the DoDAF framework architecture).
  • Consistent separation of the ICT infrastructure operation from security management.
  • Sovereign national control of encryption (not ICT manufacturer).


Crypto International AG has supplied armed forces (army, navy and air force)  worldwide for decades. These organisations rely on our comprehensive expertise in high-security communication, particularly in this age of global networking risks.

Today, Crypto International AG implements more and more projects for comprehensive security architectures in partnership with major system integrators.

This approach takes into account the modern scenario of electronic warfare, where the lines between strategic, tactical and operational dimensions are increasingly blurred.

Total security solutions therefore include high-security voice and data transmission in real-time as well as the risk-free use of all transport and storage media.

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