E-government authorities

Secure communication between ministries


Governments want to interact closely with citizens. This requires elaborate networking between ministries, government departments and expert groups. In addition, the Internet enables the creation of online services.

E-Government platforms provide the ideal prerequisites for these services. A web portal serves as a tool for information, communication and transactions. However, the connection of previously closed networks to the Internet poses major risks to communication security. To rule out espionage, theft and hacker attacks, top priority must be given to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

With the Crypto E-Government solution governments can interact closely with citizens without compromising their own information security.


  • A protected Intranet and secure Internet access to protect all parliamentary services within a shared infrastructure.
  • Separation and classification of information into the clusters "top secret", "secret" and "confidential".
  • Secure point-to-point and multipoint connections.
  • Secure IP VPN connections.


  • Secure and future-oriented communication between the government, ministries and public authorities.
  • Secure Internet access.
  • No impairment of data speed in spite of the security layer.
  • Advice on network set-up based on best practice methods.
  • The confidentiality and integrity of data are ensured.
  • Lasting increase in your country's attractiveness as a place to work and live.


E-Government solutions from Crypto International AG ensure the protection of important ICT-based governmental and administrative tasks. Government agencies can work with their classified information free of risk and thus ensure authenticity, integrity and confidentiality.

With the comprehensive Crypto security architecture with its state-of-the-art cryptography, all modern network technologies can be used without risk. Even secure access to the Internet is possible, for instance for web portals serving citizens, organisations and companies.

Drawing on our experience from numerous projects in different countries and cultures, we realise and implement a comprehensive solution tailored to your individual requirements.

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