"Crypto is about passion for security and customers"

Renée Fredlund’s horizon is the world.Find out why Renée Fredlund, Chief Professional Services Officer at Crypto, wishes she would have a magic wand and how she and her team spare their time and effort to listening to customers and their needs.

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"Always one step ahead with our technical capabilities"

Per Rauer and his team turn business requirements into technical solutions.Per Rauer shares with us what inspired him to become Chief Technology Officer at Crypto and his approach to the current challenges in cybersecurity.

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Quantum computers: A threat to cryptographic systems?

Certain experts warn that quantum computers could become powerful enough to break today’s encryption systems and provoke a so called "cryptocalypse".In theory quantum computers will solve arithmetic problems many times faster than digital computers and may soon challenge the security of certain cryptographic systems. The good news is that Crypto has been using quantum-safe symmetric cryptography for many years!







Highlights and learnings from the RSA Conference 2019

The RSA conference is one of the world’s biggest IT security event held yearly since 1991.One of Crypto’s cybersecurity consultants attended in San Francisco the world’s biggest IT security event. Read his full report on new attack techniques and how to counter them.