Unrivalled competence

Top-level cybersecurity and encryption solutions require early anticipation and constant engagement with technological developments. This is the only way to ensure that security gaps are identified at an early stage and eliminated through long-lasting solutions.

Since Crypto was founded, communication technologies have transformed beyond all recognition – from mechanical and electronic systems to the totally networked and interconnected IT of our digital era. In the face of this progress, driven by Swiss-Swedish innovation spirit and engineering proficiency, the company has always stayed ahead of the curve, using the insights it gains to develop high-quality solutions.

Whether in civil society or the military, Crypto's tailor-made cybersecurity and encryption solutions satisfy the toughest requirements for networks as well as for stationary or mobile workstations.

Thanks to its outstanding innovative capacity coupled with a century of experience, Crypto has become one of the world's leading companies in the field of cybersecurity and encryption.