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Our mission

We are the experts in information security to satisfy the toughest requirements. Our years of experience and solid professional knowledge set us apart from the others. We know our customers well and integrate their knowledge and our own expertise into each and every solution. We use this integrated expertise to develop customised top-security, giving our customers maximum autonomy for exclusive security.

Integrated expertise. For exclusive security.

Our values

A spirit of partnership

We know our stakeholder groups and their cultural, political and technological environment. That makes us a partner on an equal footing with them, one who speaks their language in every respect.


We carefully analyse the challenges pertaining to information security and anticipate the risks in order to derive lasting solutions from this information.


We constantly make our customers' specific needs the focal point of our efforts and deliver top performances to meet the toughest demands.

Our expertise

Core areas of expertise

The high-security solutions from Crypto International AG rely on multiple lines of defence. We ensure our customers' security with more than just a single element such as key length or algorithm. To do so, we make available a comprehensive system, complete with additional security elements. The various attacks are warded off with the strongest security measures available. Below is an overview of the most important lines of cryptographic defence:

  • The Crypto security architecture opens up the full potential of cryptographic possibilities to you and optimally supports your own security policy.
  • The individually created customer algorithms are unknown to anyone else and are not used by anyone else. A cryptographic attack is not possible, even from an identical unit.
  • Autonomous profiling of algorithms: you are the only one who knows the algorithm. Not even Crypto International AG has access to it. Moreover, you can use a second additional algorithm when collaborating with other organisations.
  • Hardware-based encryption is the foundation for maximum cryptographic diversity – for speed reasons on the one hand and for its immunity to tampering on the other (no readout of data). This approach also ensures that the encryption processes remain cryptographically separated from the network. No common operating system is needed (viral resistance).
  • Flexible (computer-based) security management is a state-of-the-art tool for making your daily work easier for a long time to come. With this tool, you can monitor and change all cryptographic parameters securely and reliably or connect directly to individual units over the network. The separation of management tasks and user activities – known as secrecy splitting – is a major contribution to security.


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