Vocational education and training

Crypto AG also accepts its social responsibility with regard to employees' initial vocational education and training (VET). We train people for careers as IT specialists and commercial employees. A separate apprenticeship department with three full-time trainers provides initial vocational education and training. Trainees subsequently work on projects in our specialised departments, supervised by qualified experts. Industry course subjects for IT apprentices are covered at Crypto AG. Aspiring commercial employees attend industry courses at "Beruf Zug", a centre for practical VET in Zug. We encourage learners who perform well both at work and at school to acquire the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate, FVB (Berufsmaturität), parallel to their apprenticeship.

Which occupations are covered in our programmes?

IT specialist, Swiss Federal VET Diploma (EFZ), specialization in system technology or application development: 5 apprentices per apprenticeship year

Commercial employee, Federal VET Diploma (EFZ), (Profiles E and M): 1 apprentice per apprenticeship year

Are you interested in a trial apprenticeship?

We conduct trial apprenticeships from March through July for aspiring commercial employees and IT specialists. These trial apprenticeships last three days for the occupation "IT specialist" (from Wednesday to Friday) and one full day for the occupation "commercial employee".

For further information, please consult our apprenticeship homepage (in German only) at